Natural Thyroid Powder – Why the price difference??

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ACPharm QLD prides itself in maintaining the highest quality product at affordable prices. Unfortunately, the price of Thyroid Extract has increased 10 fold over the last 4 years. Whilst we managed to hold off on any price increases for over a year we have now had to raise our prices.

The reason for the price increase is due to a change in the manufacturing process at the American manufacturing facility, American Laboratories

Whilst there are other cheaper sources of Natural Thyroid available, the quality and potency of these alternatives have not had consistent results. This alternative is from a company in China, which is being supplied to Australian Compounding Pharmacies by an Australian wholesaler.

At ACPharm, we use TGA approved suppliers when possible or we have the ingredient independently tested for potency before supplying it to our customers. We have had the Chinese source of Natural Thyroid tested in an independent facility and found it to have a large discrepancy in the Liothyronine (T3) and Levothyroxine (T4) ratios. The COA (Certificate of Analysis) from the supplier states a ratio of 9.1mcg T3 / 38.9mcg T4 however independent test results show a ratio of 8.32mcg / 30.7mcg giving sub-potent levels of Levothyroxine (T4). These inconsistencies would result in sub-therapeutic doses and could be harmful to your patients.

We have been working closely alongside our major supplier Medisca (, a TGA registered wholesaler for compounding pharmacies and they have confirmed that they has also tested the cheaper Natural Thyroid to find the same inconsistencies.

It is in the prescribers and patients best interest to confirm the source of their Natural Thyroid from their compounders, especially from the compounders claiming to have a “cheaper” thyroid. As we will not risk patients health, we will continue to only use the American Laboratories Natural Thyroid powder until we can confirm an alternative supply meets our high standards of potency and consistency.

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