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The new guideline on dispensing digital images of prescriptions.


The below has been copied verbatim from the guidance issued by the Pharmacy Council of New South Wales. We here at ACPHARM have implemented this immediately. Dispensing on Digital Images of Prescriptions   From Friday 17th of April 2020, pharmacies in NSW will able to dispense prescriptions sent by prescribers to the pharmacy of the […]

Change Rooms for Staff: Another Safety Measure


As our compounding technicians and pharmacists enter the pharmacy to start their day, their first task is to enter the change room and prepare their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). As you can see, we have employed different levels of dress for the different levels of personnel – just like any other large pharmaceutical producer. All […]

New Practitioner Prescription Upload in response to COVID-19


As more of the workforce moves to work from home arrangements, we are starting to see more doctors doing the same, or completing their day in some form of isolation. Tele- and video-consulting are growing and ACPHARM is keeping up by implementing strategies to keep supplies of compounded medicines uninterrupted to our patients. In aid […]

Protection against COVID-19 at ACPHARM


Since the beginning of this unusual health event, ACPHARM has been prepared in a number of ways to: Mitigate infection risk among employees. Mitigate infection risk for our patients. Minimise interruption to supply. Meet a number of new requirements caused by shortage. Mitigating infection risk among employees As a compounding pharmacy, we are well equipped […]

Poor sleep may increase heart disease in women


New research out of Columbia University shows there may be a link between poor sleep and lower-quality diet, which could lead to complications with weight-gain and heart health. The study found that those with worse overall sleep quality consumed more of the added sugars associated with obesity and diabetes. Faris Zuraikat, PhD, postdoctoral fellow at […]