Veterinarian Pharmacist and Pet Medication Online

Different types of animals whether it may be pets, exotics, zoo animals or livestock all have different requirements when it comes to administering medications. Our laboratory can formulate dosage forms of drugs to meet these special medication requirements. Some of these services are listed below.

Flavoured Medication

It can be extremely difficult to administer medications to animals. To assist with this problem ACPHARM can prepare medications in flavoured doses customized for the individual animals taste.

Customised Medication Dosages and Administration

One of the main advantages of custom preparations is the option to administer them in different strengths, using various modes of administration. These include chewable products, transdermal products, injectables and many more. Commercial medicines often come in large quantities and it is very difficult to administer the correct dosage for your pet or zoo animal.

Discontinued medications

In some cases manufactures discontinue certain medications and dosage forms for various economical reasons. ACPHARM, as a compounding pharmacy can produce these medications to original specifications or even improve upon.