Herbal medicine - Vitamin
ACPHARM Queensland are able to compound Vitamin & Nutritional prescriptions recommended by your Doctor or Naturopath.

Our dedicated Nutritional Compounding space coupled with our amazing customer service and 48 hour turnaround, you will definately be pleased with our service and quality.

We also compound a large range of the Pfeiffer Protocol Vitamins such as MT Primers and Promoters, as well as products to help with Pyrrole disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Contact Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals on 0755265422 at least seven days before you run out of your medication. Alternately you can fax your prescription and/or order form to us on (07) 5676 6371. We will also request payment information with each order as we do not keep credit card details on file.

How much will my order cost?

The price of individualised compounding varies depending on the amount and type of nutrients in each prescription. Prescriptions average $75 to $125 per compound per 100 day supply, but may cost more or less. You may order any amount of your prescription up to a 200 day (6 months) supply, with 100 days typically being the most cost effective. Exact price quotes can be provided within 24 hours for your convenience.

How many capsules should I take?

The number of capsules required for each dose is labeled on the front of each prescription bottle. Please be aware that you may be required to take more than 1 capsule per dose. If your prescription requires more than 500 capsules, you will have more than one bottle for your prescription. Only open 1 bottle of each prescription at a time. Please review the dosage instructions when you receive each prescription.

My child cannot swallow capsules. What options are available?

We are able to make nutritional prescriptions into powders or capsules. The powder is accompanied with a suitable measure that has a clearly marked line indicating the dose. Many parents and patients have success by mixing the powder into a variety of foods or juices. Do not bake with nutrient powders as the high temperature can affect the potency of the nutrients.

How should I store my nutrients?

Store your compounds in a cool dry place such as a kitchen cupboard. Do NOT store compounds in the bathroom, refrigerator, or freezer unless specifically stated on the package. Some compounds require packaging in multiple bottles. If this is the case, open only 1 bottle at a time, leaving the desiccant packs in the bottle. Desiccant packets are included to absorb any moisture that may enter the bottle and will help prevent color changes and possible loss of potency.

My capsules appear darker in color. Are they still good?

Many vitamins will darken in color over time. Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals’ capsules are compounded with little or no fillers, so the humidity from the air may cause the powders to darken in color. Darkness alone does not mean that your capsules are no longer good. If your capsules look wet or have a crunchy texture on the inside, you should order new nutrients. Be sure to keep the bottle tightly closed and keep the desiccant packets inside the bottle at all times.

How do I know that my nutritional supplements contain quality ingredients?

ACPHARM purchases each ingredient from only the most reputable suppliers, ensuring they adhere to the U.S Pharmacopeia or British Pharmacopeia – world standards for quality pharmaceutical ingredients. Some of our main suppliers are Medisca, Fagron and PCCA. These wholesale companies perform their own testing on the ingredients before they supply to us. We DO NOT purchase any ingredients from China or India ( or anywhere other than our suppliers ) unless we complete our own potency and analysis tests. We continually perform in-house tests to check the purity, quality and accuracy of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements.