Custom Compounding Pharmacy Online

ACPHARM has over 90 years of combined compounding experience. Our goal is that doctors and their patients receive the highest quality compounded medications that are exactly suited to the patients needs.

Our custom compounding pharmacy, works with doctors and patients, to can make medicines that are easier on the patients system and are more pleasant to take or use. There is a compounding method for everyone.

Allergies – We can provide lactose free, colour free, flavour free, and preservative free medications.
Different Delivery Methods – For those unable to swallow oral medications for example. Combine several medicines into one medication – reduces the number of medications a patient has to take and reduces the cost of medication.

Higher or lower doses or strengths – Supplying the right dose for the right person reduces the need for patients to take lots of capsules or cut capsules into pieces.

Reduce strain on the body – Compounding medications into topical creams and gels means that medications can be absorbed transdermally where needed reducing stress on the liver and other internal organs.
Medications to taste – Oral medications can be compounded including flavours of your choice to make medicine pleasant for all ages.

Unavailable medications that work – ACPHARM has the ability to compound formulas for products that are no longer manufactured or are in limited supply.

ACPHARM’s ranges of compounded formulations include:

Compounding pharmacy online

Not able to come into our compounding pharmacy? Just Click Here and upload your prescription to fulfil your compounding prescriptions online.


Doctors often approach us with an idea.
This may be for a discontinued product line that they liked working with, or a product seen overseas, but not made in Australia. Some doctors even have product ideas of their own, but are unsure as to how to implement them.