Local Anaesthetics

Topical Local Anaesthetics

The growing use of cutaneous procedures such as pediatric vaccines, mesotherapy and cosmetic laser surgery, has increased the demand for topical anesthetics.

These preparations offer effective relief with the advantages of reversible interruption of nerve conduction without nerve fiber damage, sensory paralysis, and with easy application. Patients treated with topical anesthetics experience less pain and anxiety associated with other methods of application.

BLT is a common local anesthetic used by many doctors which combines benzocaine, lignocaine and tetracaine. There have been many problems associated with the benzocaine component, linking it to the possibly fatal methemoglobinemia. In America the FDA is currently reviewing the use of benzocaine and the adverse health effects linked to it.

Over the Counter Preparations

Our OTC preparation has been formulated to replace the use of BLT. It is one of the most advanced Topical Local Anesthetic formulas available, incorporating a low dosage of LA mixed with an active penetrating hypoallergenic base to achieve an excellent clinical result. This OTC preperation/uses fast acting, long lasting ingredients in lower concentrations.

The lower concentrations of Local Anesthetic allow for you as the practitioner to use it with confidence. This low concentration makes it suitable for many procedures.

Our OTC preperation is a proprietary formula that contains two advanced penetration agents that allow for its formulation with lower anesthetic concentrations.

This formula includes low concentrations of Lignocaine, Prilocaine and Tetracaine – all proven via peer-reviewed studies to achieve a numbing effect.

These local anesthetics have different durations of action to give an anesthetising effect. The advanced penetrative agents in this preperation allow for the use of less active ingredients to achieve a clinical response.

Our OTC preperation is vasoneutral in patients. It does not constrict, nor dilate the vessels in the immediate area of application.

Unlike other Local Anesthetics this formula requires no occlusion.

Our OTC preparation’s advanced formula allows for as little as 10 min to take effect on certain skin types, making it one of the fastest-acting Local Anesthetic preparations available on the market.


  • Before injection
  • Before pellet implant insertion
  • Before tattooing
  • Before plastic surgery / Botox injections
  • Before mesotherapy
  • Before PDT
  • Before dermabrasion

Fractional Laser Formulation

The deep penetrating Fractional Laser presents a problem for doctors applying topical local anaesthetics to their patients.

Topical LA for Fractional Laser requires a base containing no wax, and no water. This is due to the laser operating at such a high level, that it also incorporates a freezing Zimmer head.

The wax base cannot be used. As it freezes, it flakes and falls off the skin. Water also needs to be excluded, as the machine operates at the same wavelength that water absorbs energy, thus lessening the effect of the process.

Our fractional laser formulation is a proprietary formula that is a deep penetrating base, to compliment a deep penetrating laser.

The standard formula includes Tetracaine 4%, Lignocaine 2.5% and Prilocaine 2.5%. Higher strengths are available on request.

Custom Formulations

Compounded medication responds to the unique medical needs of individual patients. ACPHARM compounding pharmacists can also work with you and your patient to make any specialty formula of local anesthetic which you may require.

Compounding allows you to prescribe a particular local anesthetic, dosage form, combination of drugs or strength not commercially available to make administration to your patient easier and perfectly suited.