Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand Conference 2018

This weekend – 24th of February – we are departing for the annual Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand Conference.

This will be our third year of attendance to a show we like very much.

However, this year will be a little different.

Whilst many urologists utilise the services of a compounding pharmacy, few compounders can actually prepare and dispense the medicines they prescribe.  ACPHARM is definitely the largest of them all, and this year – 2018 – we will get even bigger.

The recent regulation changes mean that compounders are scrambling to comply. Changes include supplying evidence for potency (ie product stability) and sterility.

What has become evident over the last 3 weeks is that many compounders did not anticipate the February 1st deadline actually going through.

But it did.

So, why is ACPHARM happy about this?

Because we have always complied – even before it was regulation.

To us, it just made sense to be able to prove that we were providing a sterile product that contained exactly what it said on the label. It’s just good compounding practice.

So, over the years we invested heavily in these tests across our whole range of sterile products.

As a result, ACPHARM can ensure uninterrupted supply with zero price increases as a result of these new regulations.

Free webinar

If you want to hear more about these changes and are reading this before March 5th, 2018, we are running a webinar that will detail all of the new guidelines and how they affect prescribers and patients.

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