The new guideline on dispensing digital images of prescriptions.


The below has been copied verbatim from the guidance issued by the Pharmacy Council of New South Wales.

We here at ACPHARM have implemented this immediately.

Dispensing on Digital Images of Prescriptions
From Friday 17th of April 2020, pharmacies in NSW will able to dispense prescriptions sent by prescribers to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice by fax or email, without the original copy having to be sent by the prescriber to the pharmacy within 7 days, as the legislation currently requires. This change brings NSW into line with the earlier announcement by the Commonwealth, that digital images of prescriptions can be claimed on the PBS.
The procedure is as follows:
1. Patient attends telehealth consultation with prescriber.
2. Prescriber writes or generates a prescription in the usual manner. Prescription must meet all legislative requirements and must be signed by the prescriber.
3. Prescriber sends a digital image of the prescription to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice by fax or email (Transmission by Text or SMS is not permitted) and retains the original copy of the prescription for 2 years.
4. Pharmacy receives the digital copy of the prescription and prints a copy of the digital image, and dispenses in the usual manner, including processing PBS claims through PBS Online. The printed copy is retained by the pharmacy for 2 years.
5. If repeats are authorised by the prescriber, the pharmacist generates a repeat authorisation and attaches this to the printed copy of the digital image of the prescription. This repeat must be retained at the pharmacy that initially dispenses the medicine. It is not to be given to the patient. Pharmacists should advise patients that it is a requirement for the repeats to be retained before dispensing the medicine.
This procedure does not apply to Schedule 4D or Schedule 8 medicines.
Digital images of prescriptions must be sent by the prescriber directly to the pharmacy, they cannot be sent to the patient to send to the pharmacy.
Digital images of prescriptions sent by text or SMS are not valid and cannot be dispensed under this procedure.
Multiple prescriptions sent in one digital image are not valid. Each prescription must be in a single image, although more than one medicine can be on a single prescription.
All legislative requirements for digitally transmitted prescriptions are otherwise unchanged.