In April 2014 we launched the Oral Strip for patients having trouble with their sleep. It has been very popular, with over 40,000 strips dispensed Australia-wide.

That’s 40,000 restful nights, provided at less than $1 per dose.

The advantages of the strip are plentiful:

  • Administration to paediatric and geriatric patients — the difficulty of swallowing larger oral doses of capsules is eliminated1,2
  • Ease of transportation, consumer handling and storage2
  • Compared to sublingual drops, precision in the administered dose is ensured from each of the strips1,2,3
  • Ease of swallowing and no need for water4 — preferred by patients suffering from dysphagia, repeated emesis, motion sickness and mental disorders2
  • Can be consumed at any place or any time as per convenience of the individual1,2
  • Rapid onset of action1,2
  • High level of patient compliance3
  • Pleasant tasting3
  • Strips are stable at room temperature for 6 months (store under 30 degrees)

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