New Practitioner Prescription Upload in response to COVID-19


As more of the workforce moves to work from home arrangements, we are starting to see more doctors doing the same, or completing their day in some form of isolation.

Tele- and video-consulting are growing and ACPHARM is keeping up by implementing strategies to keep supplies of compounded medicines uninterrupted to our patients.

In aid of this, we have implemented a practitioner prescription upload (found here) that allows them to quickly and conveniently send us digital images of prescriptions.

Practitioners can also take advantage of our Reply Paid envelopes, once again making it just that bit easier to service the needs of our shared patients.

When using this service, the prescriber simply takes a picture of the prescription, uploads via the link above (easiest to use your phone’s internet browser and navigating to Leave the patient’s phone number and we will take care of the rest!

Once you have uploaded the prescription, send us the original (order free Reply Paid envelopes here).

By following this process we are well and truly minimising contact with other people by cutting down on the need to leave, necessary during this time of social isolation.

We are taking the COVID-19 threat seriously, and are continuously taking measures to ensure that our staff remain uninfected thus maintaining supply of compounded medicines to all of our patients across the country.