Introducing the BIOME Protocol


For 2 years, we have worked with Dr Agnes Warchalowski to develop the new BIOME Protocol – a clinically led program designed for cosmetic practices to introduce to their patients.

Designed specifically for brain and gut health, the Biome Protocol is easy to put into practice, and should be considered by all practitioners treating the aesthetic needs of their patients to make them feel as good as they look.

We are often asked by cosmetic practices how they can increase their offerings to patients, and we believe the Biome Protocol is that program.

Biome is a clinically led program that is only available through practitioners, and makes a perfect adjunct to cosmetic practices by making their patients feel great as well as look great.

The Biome Protocol is characterised by changes in diet, and supplementation that builds upon years of research and development that results in a program that is easy for your patients to follow, and even easier for your practice to prescribe.

Though fat-loss is achievable with the Biome Protocol, the main outcome is to produce lasting results that help patients to not only feel better but also function better as well.

We are running a series of short webinars with Dr Agnes where we will focus on:

  • The link between the gut microbiota and physiological processes involved in weight management.
  • The evidence for dietary recommendations and nutrient formulations used in the ACPHARM Biome Protocol.
  • How to implement the ACPHARM Biome Protocol into your clinic.

We encourage you to register for the webinar, where Dr Agnes will discuss the bio-mechanics of the program, what is involved for both the clinic and the patient, and how to implement this into your practice.

Each webinar is approximately 40min with time for Q&A at the end.

Starting Wednesday 13th November at 6pm AEDT and recurring for 6 weeks, with the final presentation on 18th December.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call me on 1300 853 620.

Click here to register for the webinar series

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