Diphenylcyclopropenone (DCP)/Acetone

DCP is a rare chemical that can stimulate immunity in the body, giving it the ability to fight off wart viruses. Treatment begins with painting a weak DCP solution onto a small spot on your patients forearm. It is important to keep this site covered and dry for 48 hours, then remove the covering and wash the area well. Most people – about 95 percent – become sensitised to the chemical in about two weeks.

Sensitisation is evidenced by a small, red rash on the spot where the DCP was applied. Once the body is sensitised, an even less concentrated solution of DCP is painted onto several or all of the warts. The chemical attracts wart-killing tissue and blood cells, which begin the process of making the area immune against the wart virus. It is not necessary to keep all the sites covered, but they should be kept dry, preferably overnight after treatment. Treatment will need to be repeated about once a week.