Hair Science


ACPHARM Hair Science Solution

ACPHARM Hair Science Solution stimulates hair growth in androgenetic alopecia. It contains a vasodilator that acts mainly on the hair cycle but may also increase hair diameter. The Solution prolongs the active hair growth phase (anagen) and also shortens the hair follicle resting phase (telogen) causing premature entry into the active hair growth phase (anagen).

The ACPHARM Hair Science Solution is an advanced formulation containing multiple active ingredients, that act synergistically by stimulating suboptimal follicles to produce denser hair growth than if they were used alone.

It also contains a corticosteroid that helps to decrease the inflammation and itching commonly associated with many hair loss formulations. The ACPHARM Hair Science Solution comes in a convenient spray bottle for ease of application. 8 sprays should be applied to affected areas of a dry scalp at night. Store in a refrigerator.


ACPHARM Hair Science Shampoo

ACPHARM Hair Science Shampoo is a novel formulation specifically designed to repair, nourish and regenerate hair. It is an excellent product when used in combination with the prescription ACPHARM Hair Science Solution to provide a complete hair-loss treatment program.

  • For men and women
  • Highly effective
  • Noticeable hair growth
  • Affordable treatment
  • Easy application

See patient brochure for more information and references.