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ACPHARM Hair Science Solution

ACPHARM Hair Science Solution stimulates hair growth in androgenetic alopecia3. It contains a vasodilator that acts mainly on the hair cycle but may also increase hair diameter4. The Solution prolongs the active hair growth phase (anagen) and also shortens the hair follicle resting phase (telogen) causing premature entry into the active hair growth phase (anagen)1,2.

The ACPHARM Hair Science Solution is an advanced formulation containing multiple active ingredients that act synergistically by stimulating suboptimal follicles to produce denser hair growth than if they were used alone.1,2

It also contains a corticosteroid that helps to decrease the inflammation and itching commonly associated with many hair loss formulations.5,6 The ACPHARM Hair Science Solution comes in a convenient spray bottle for ease of application. 8 sprays should be applied to affected areas of a dry scalp at night. Store in a refrigerator.

Why is our Hair Science Solution special?

Ethosomes are novel carriers composed of phospholipid, ethanol and water7,10. They act as a permeation enhancer to deliver substances to the skin more efficiently in terms of quantity and depth7. Conventional topical minoxidil formulations have very poor skin permeation and retention properties7. A study on mice comparing a 0.5% minoxidil solution with and without ethosomes has shown that the accumulation of minoxidil was 5 times higher in the ethosome formulation7.

Our Minoxidil is encapsulated in ethosomes to preserve the molecule and increase skin permeation and retention properties. This targeted application helps achieve better clinical efficacy of minoxidil7. The ethosomes also help to increase the stability of the formulation and decrease some of the irritation that can be caused by minoxidil3,7.

ACPHARM Hair Science Shampoo

ACPHARM Hair Science Shampoo is a novel formulation specifically designed to repair, nourish and regenerate hair. It is an excellent product when used in combination with the prescription ACPHARM Hair Science Solution to provide a complete hair-loss treatment program.

  • For men and women
  • Highly effective
  • Noticeable hair growth
  • Affordable treatment
  • Easy application

The Treatment Program in your clinic

The program is a two-month course available by prescription only.

Cost from ACPHARM – $99.00
(program value – $139.00)

ACPHARM Hair Science will complement any of your current hair-loss regimes, or will stand on its own.  The key is the patient will need to revisit your clinic every two months for a new prescription to maintain and continue results.

How to write a script

To order please send a prescription for:

ACPHARM Hair Science Solution
Minoxidil 4%, Retinoic Acid 0.1%, Fluocinolone Acetonide 0.025% 60mL
Plus Shampoo


ACPHARM Hair Science Foam
Minoxidil 5%, Retinoic Acid 0.1%, Fluocinolone Acetonide 0.025% 60mL
Plus Shampoo
Fax: 02 8536 4155
Post: PO Box 2954 Taren Point NSW 2229


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