Our policies and conditions

Customers using this site or ordering from Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals P/L (ACPHARM) agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.


  • Orders are taken but not processed until payment is secured.
  • Orders may be placed by email, snail mail, telephone but, if a prescription is legally necessary then, they will not be dispatched until the original copy of the prescription is received by mail (or by hand).
  • Prescriptions for S4D medicine have a six month life and legally must be kept by ACPHARM and if there are repeats they must be carried out by ACPHARM and cannot be carried out by another Pharmacy.

Warranties and refunds

  • All of our goods are to be of merchantable quality, a basic level of quality given the price and description of the good.
  • All of our goods must be fit for the purpose they are meant to provide for and fulfil purpose(s) made known to the customer.
  • All of our goods must be free from defects and faults.
  • A refund or a re-make will be considered applicable if any of the above three points are not met.
  • Faulty goods are to be returned before remakes are performed.
  • If a good has been delivered and received in satisfactory order and it subsequently expires, it is not the responsibility of ACPHARM to re-make it. ACPHARM does not undertake to re-make expired goods.

Customer’s obligations and responsibilities

  • The customer must check the quality of the goods received in a reasonable time, or at least within seven days of receipt.
  • Customers must advise ACPHARM customer service at the time of ordering of any special needs or requirements such as allergies or troche flavouring or any relevant option(s) they wish to include in the order.
  • Customers agree┬áto send back to ACPHARM any goods that are subject to claims regarding faults, defects, quality or suitability to purpose.

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