Partnership announcement


We are proud to announce that as of the 1st July 2014 ACPHARM and it’s affiliates have entered into a partnership with Global Pharmacy Developments and Paradigm Healthcare Australia. This partnership will give new dimension and strength to the business of all three partners globally.  


Live Peptides Seminar in Melbourne – Proteomics in practice


Topics and Speakers Once again ACPHARM is running its annual educational seminar prior to the A5M conference. For the last 4 years we have seen this learning experience grow from a small number of attendees in 2010, to over-subscribed in 2013. This year, we will be returning to Proteomics, with a specific focus on the […]


FREE Webinars – Proteomics in practice


Topics and webinars The webinars for 2014 have now ended. If you would like to get the recordings or sign up for our upcoming webinars — please contact us now. CJC1295 / Ipamorelin clinical use and overview (29 July 2014) AOD9604 clinical use and overview (12 August 2014) Follistatin clinical use and overview (26 August […]

Peptides Seminar: correct usage for optimum clinical outcomes


Peptides Seminar: correct usage for optimum clinical outcomes. 23 August 2013 Stamford Plaza, Melbourne Download registration form: reg-form_peptides_seminar


Hormone pellets seminar


Friday, 17th August. 6pm–10pm. Full buffet dinner included. ONLY: $79 (inc GST) REGISTER NOW: pellet_reg_form Develop a good basis for clinical judgment in deciding dosages and understanding how to address expected and unexpected results. Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals is excited to bring you the latest in hormone technology, presented to you by 2 world renowned experts in […]