Photodynamic Therapy and Acne


Since 2004 ACPHARM has been producing the materials required for in-clinic Photodynamic Therapy, or PDT. The most common application we see is PDT for sun-damaged skin, however there is certainly an application for acne treatment. With so many side-effects generated by some of the other treatment options, PDT runs a smaller risk of side-effects and […]

Introducing the BIOME Protocol


For 2 years, we have worked with Dr Agnes Warchalowski to develop the new BIOME Protocol – a clinically led program designed for cosmetic practices to introduce to their patients. Designed specifically for brain and gut health, the Biome Protocol is easy to put into practice, and should be considered by all practitioners treating the […]

ACPHARM Compounding Services


As more pharmacies begin to introduce compounding into their practice, pharmacy regulators have been taking more notice.  Unfortunately in the last few years, as the industry has grown, so to have the number of adverse events reported to state pharmacy councils. Until recently, every pharmacy had the right to compound. However the exponential increase in […]

ACPHARM Lipolysis Injections are ready to be dispensed!


ACPHARM Lipolysis injections are ready to be compounded for immediate supply. ACPHARM is prepared to compound orders for its lipolysis injections without delay. As Australia’s largest compounding pharmacy, we have been dispensing our lipolysis products without interruption since 2005. We endeavour to meet a 48-hour turnaround from receiving your prescription. All products are tested for […]

ACP Response MBA Public Consultation


Dear Members My name is Daryll Knowles, I am the owner of Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals, one of Australia’s largest compounding pharmacies. I have been practising compounding for over 30 years and my facility is a recognized education site for University students and Compounding pharmacist training. It is only through thorough dialogue and understanding of all […]