ACP Response MBA Public Consultation


Dear Members My name is Daryll Knowles, I am the owner of Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals, one of Australia’s largest compounding pharmacies. I have been practising compounding for over 30 years and my facility is a recognized education site for University students and Compounding pharmacist training. It is only through thorough dialogue and understanding of all […]

Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand Conference 2018


This weekend – 24th of February – we are departing for the annual Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand Conference. This will be our third year of attendance to a show we like very much. However, this year will be a little different. Whilst many urologists utilise the services of a compounding pharmacy, few […]

Why is Compounding Pharmacy growing in Australia?


Matt Chalmers When I started in this industry in 2002, there were just 12 compounding pharmacies in Australia. Today, there are over 500 compounding pharmacies that will make and dispense medicines by doctor’s prescription and patient order. There are a number of reasons for this rise, however there are two major contributors that, above all […]


Patients receive a bonus with each order


About ACPHARM Topical Local Anaesthetics As a Compounding Pharmacy, ACP can produce a Topical Local Anaesthetic (TLA) specific to patient’s needs. We take into account skin type, allergies, current medicines and medical conditions, the procedure you, as a patient, are about to commence and produce a compounded TLA under your name. We can compound a TLA […]

Attention: Medical Weightloss Institute patients


ACPHARM in conjunction with Dr Jackie Forrester is working toward a satisfactory end for our patients, the former clients of the Medical Weightloss Institute. You may have received some correspondence recently from us which can be viewed here. We would like your assistance in helping us discover the category in which you may fall. Our […]