Change Rooms for Staff: Another Safety Measure


As our compounding technicians and pharmacists enter the pharmacy to start their day, their first task is to enter the change room and prepare their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

As you can see, we have employed different levels of dress for the different levels of personnel – just like any other large pharmaceutical producer. All ACPHARM compounding technicians and pharmacists are required to be dressed at the third level you see here, at all times, as a minimum, regardless of their activities in the compounding lab.

These large change rooms were not prepared overnight, and are in fact a requirement for any pharmacy preparing compounded medicines to the same ACPHARM standard.

As we lay out more ways that ACPHARM protects its staff and patients, it becomes clear that ACPHARM has always been prepared for these strange circumstances. We will continue to produce high quality compounded medicines delivered to our patients’ door.