The Biome Protocol

In 2017, Dr Agnes Warchalowski visited our compounding pharmacy in Sydney to discuss something she had been working on, and how to make it available for patients across Australia.

Long a user of our fat-loss program, The HCG Diet, Dr Warchalowski had worked on a protocol for gut health and brain health, that was anti inflammatory and aided the proliferation of good probiotics.

In two years the program was refined to what we see today: The Biome Protocol

To help practitioners incorporate Biome into their practice, we have prepared a series of webinars designed to lay out the rationale for the different elements of the program, the science behind the supplements, and practical aspects of making Biome part of your clinical offerings.

Ordering the Biome Protocol

Ordering the Biome Protocol is easy.

  1. Fill out the order form, remembering to complete the patients details including name, phone number and address. If the Biome Kit is being sent to the clinic for patient pick-up, please specify in the delivery address section.
  2. Send the completed form to or fax to 02 8536 4155.
  3. Once we receive the form at ACPHARM, we will contact the patient to confirm any current medicines, medical conditions and allergies (this is required in the pharmacy guidelines).
  4. The kit will be sent to the designated address via traceable, overnight courier.
  5. If an email address is provided, we will forward a tracking number and link to the tracking site once the kit has been dispensed.