Patients receive a bonus with each order


About ACPHARM Topical Local Anaesthetics

As a Compounding Pharmacy, ACP can produce a Topical Local Anaesthetic (TLA) specific to patient’s needs. We take into account skin type, allergies, current medicines and medical conditions, the procedure you, as a patient, are about to commence and produce a compounded TLA under your name.

We can compound a TLA to be:

  • Fast acting
  • Long lasting
  • Ultra-penetrative
  • Low anaesthetic concentration (under 10%)
  • At the patient’s doorstep within 48 hours

And now, for patient’s ordering directly, there is a better way.

Below is a form to be completed to begin the order. Fill in the form below and we will contact you, the patient, directly to arrange delivery. We ship TLA directly to you for FREE – no freight costs.

When you order TLA this way, you receive a FREE gift. 



Want to know more about TLA?

Since 2003 ACPHARM has specialised in the formulation and production of customised local anaesthetic solutions that are suitable for use with a wide range of treatments. Learn more about our customised TLA.

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