ACPHARM Compounding Services


As more pharmacies begin to introduce compounding into their practice, pharmacy regulators have been taking more notice.  Unfortunately in the last few years, as the industry has grown, so to have the number of adverse events reported to state pharmacy councils.

Until recently, every pharmacy had the right to compound. However the exponential increase in patient misadventure means that regulators in New South Wales and Victoria, as well as the federal Pharmacy Board of Australia, have stepped up and made some regulatory changes – now requiring compounders to prove they comply to a number of new guidelines.

We anticipate that a number of smaller compounding pharmacies will need to invest heavily in order to comply – something that they will have to seriously consider.  The numbers show that even a small investment for someone dispensing 20 compounding scripts a week could take up to 5 years to recover when you take only a small percentage of these new requirements into account.  Changes include a minimum of 9m<sup>2</sup> of dedicated, separated compounding area, Separate air conditioning, environmental and temperature monitoring systems, and purchase, maintenance and annual validation of equipment – all requiring significant capital expenditure.

Introducing ACPHARM Compounding Services

ACPHARM has recognised 2 facts:

  1. There are a number of pharmacies engaging in compounding because they feel they need to, to keep up with local competition and stop patient loss from their pharmacy.
  2. There are a number of pharmacies that will find these new regulations to be quite arduous, and may not want to invest the capital to keep this going.

These two are directly related to each other – and ACPHARM can help.

We offer to dispense compounded products to Australian pharmacies, for patient pick up at their location.

If you are a pharmacist wanting to offer compounding without the hassle, you can send your compounding prescriptions to ACPHARM, and we will make it, dispense it and send it back to your pharmacy for the patient to pick it up at a time convenient for them.

Why does this work?

There are two reasons:

The patient is getting their medicines made at a dedicated compounding facility that is PCAB audited for compliance to all regulations designed for patient safety.  Both you and your patient get peace-of-mind knowing that these medicines are made with the highest quality raw materials using tested, stable formulas and made under independently audited conditions to maximise patient safety and medicine efficacy.

The other reason? ACPHARM is a dedicated compounding pharmacy – we don’t have a retail presence, we don’t have a front-of-shop and we don’t have an NHS license. We only compound, thus ensuring that the patient with which you have developed the relationship remains your patient.

If you are a pharmacist and would like to know more, head on over to our dedicated ACPHARM Compounding Services site –